Bean Origins

Tasting Notes

Roaster Description

This is my personal favorite blend. There’s not a lot of science or explaining to it. While the other two blends that we offer are seeking to achieve a specific purpose, this blend is simply an expression of my favorite qualities in a coffee. Over the decade plus that I have been roasting, I have fallen in love with the flavors of the Mexican bean. I have experimented with blending it amongst several dozen other varietals and roasted it hundreds of different ways. This is my favorite of the creations.

This blend is the combination of two different kinds of sweetness. The Mexican bean has an energetic, popping sugar cane foundation; while the Guatemalan is a tamer, more rounded type of sweetness. Pairing the two allows them to play off of each other in a very special way. It almost reminds me of putting blackberries and maple syrup on your waffles in the morning. Both are sweet, but they are a very different type of sweetness that creates a wonderful little bit of joy.

Overall, this blend is my pride and joy because it is unique and personal. It is not for everyone. If you like floating horseshoes in your coffee, this one is probably too delicate for you. If you want a breakfast blend that you can just throw back and get the caffeine over with for the day, this blend probably isn’t bland enough for you.  This blend is for the coffee connoisseur that appreciates the beauty in life and wants it reflected in their cup. This blend is about stopping to smell the roses (it has a very floral aroma). It’s about identifying the personality of an artist’s expression and savoring what he is trying to communicate. This is my art. I hope you enjoy it.