Hi! My name is Jonathan. My older brother is the founder and CEO of this company. I have been helping and working with Roastiva since before it opened, and I have loved every minute. From roasting to packaging to delivering, I have had the opportunity to grow and learn so much about how a good business is supposed to run. The customer base we have been trying to expand continues to excite me for our future. I absolutely love the ability to get to know our customers and establish great relationships with them. One of my favorite aspects of my job here at Roastiva is all of our events, from farmers markets to various festivals. Having the opportunity for face-to-face interactions and engaging in meaningful conversations with our local community makes me feel truly blessed to be part of a company that aligns with my ideals. After working here for over two years now, I genuinely believe that my goal is to bring joy to as many people as possible. It’s just an added bonus that I get to drink and give great coffee along the way!