The season is upon us! Our cold brew concentrate makes for the perfect summer pick-me-up. Just mix 1 part of coffee to 3 parts of water, milk, or any dairy substitute and BOOM! You’re ready to take on the toasty Westslope weather. At only $7 per quart, we have not only the tastiest cold brew on the market, but also the cheapest!

Why Cold Brew?

Just a few of the countless reasons that cold brew is fantastic…

  1. Contains 70% less acidity. This makes is easy on the pallet as well as the stomach.
  2. Highly caffeinated. Our coffee concentrate contains approximately the same caffeine levels as espresso shots, ounce for ounce. While diluting is the standard, our brew is so smooth that you can easily have a couple ounces straight to get that buzz going quick.
  3. Quick and Easy. There is no brewing required with this. No loud grinding the beans, no waiting for the machine, and no cleanup of used grounds. A few ice cubes and some cold water and you’re ready to go!
  4. It makes excellent hot drinks too. Simply mix it the way you like it and throw it in the microwave. Cold brew does not have to stay cold to keep its iconic flavor.